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Somnio Strings is a 4-piece ensemble based in South Florida. What started as a spark of inspiration from the Steven Universe soundtrack in 2016, became a broadening horizon of covers spanning anime, video games, and animation films. Comprised of violin, viola, cello, and keyboard, Somnio Strings was created to express enthusiasm and appreciation for these soundtracks. As avid gamers and classical musicians, the group desires to perform music through the personal connection felt by Anime and Video games. They continuously aim for greater heights to deliver an unforgettable journey of expression through music.


Beginning with a surprise pop-up show at Florida Supercon (2016), the group performed with most of the voice actors from "Steven Universe". Since then, the group has performed at events and conventions throughout Florida, including Otakufest (2019, 2021, 2022), Anime IWAI (2021), March Caprice (2021, 2022), and Holiday Matsuri (2021).

Our Team.

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