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Allow us to introduce ourselves!

Somnio Strings has always been fascinated with the way music from Video Games and Anime has reached people in many parts of the world. They make their arrangements specifically for the occastion and for their unique play style. To learn about how Somnio Strings can perform for your event, please reach out.

Somnio Strings can provide music for any sort of event or need. We can assist and make your musical dreams come true. Get in touch with us for more information.

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Anime Conventions & Major Events

Image by Nathan Dumlao


A Customized Experience, Tailored to your Event

Sheet Music


Made exclusively in house

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Somnio Strings

Somnio Strings

The World That Never Was - Somnio Strings (March Caprice 2.0 Official video)

March Caprice Official Video - Hollow Bastion & Musique Pour La Tristesse De Xion

Somnio Strings - Zelda's Lullaby - Legend of Zelda - Otakufest 2019

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